Brainspotting, hypnotherapy and parts work: powerful deep healing tools in addition to understanding your brain, nervous system, mind and body


This is for you if you experience any of the following:

Grief, anxiety, depression, shame, trauma guilt, anger, or more behaviours and impulses that sabotage you.

This is also for you if you want to enhance your performance or if you want to stop procrastinating or unhealthy habits.

You probably know exactly what you should be doing, but somehow you can’t do it.

You beat yourself up for being unable or unmotivated.

You may feel incompetent, or worse, you’ve lost hope in everything.

It’s not your fault and this can change!

There are subconscious programs running in the background and the good news is that these can be re-wired and changed to become more aligned with what is truly in your heart!


Neuroscience and Trauma

Let’s take a look at the brain.

The brain is incredibly complex, but fortunately researchers are gaining a better understanding of how it works.

When we look at the brain and truly simplify it, we can divide it into two halves.

The top half is your neo-cortex, and the lower half is your subcortical brain, which is your subconsciousness.

The top part of the brain is often referred to as the thinking brain.

This is where our conscious awareness exists, and it is what we use for almost all thinking, talking, planning, etc.

The subcortical brain is where emotions, subconscious beliefs, and triggers are regulated.

Research shows that trauma results in “stuck” energy that sits in the subcortical part of the brain and body.

The body remembers, even if we can’t consciously recall our trauma or unresolved pieces of events.

Stuck or unresolved energy is held in the body, frozen in time, and causes psychological problems that can manifest in physical and psychological illness.

Talking about our problems can be helpful to a certain extent, but it’s not always.

Even when discussing your trauma, you may continue to stay in your thinking brain without necessarily resolving the trauma that lives in the subcortical brain.

The good news is that your body knows where the trauma lives and has the innate capacity to resolve it.

How can we facilitate the healing process?

The sessions are set up so that you get the insights, tools, and strategies to re-wire your brain, gain deep breakthroughs and insights, experience deep inner healing, increase your vibration and energy, and tap into powerful beliefs so you can live life fully.


One of the most advanced brain-based interventions, evolved from EMDR for deep healing from trauma, abuse, grief, and loss. Our eyes and brains are deeply connected, and it turns out that our eyes play an important role in processing and connect directly with the subcortical brain. Where you look is how you feel. With brainspotting we will find the activation point in the visual field that will provide direct access to the trauma file. The body can then conduct deep processing and release. The therapist empathically listens, attunes to the client’s body, and identifies the cues to find the brainspot. The therapist holds the frame to facilitate the client in the process and supports the self-healing.

Internal Family Systems (IFS):

A powerful way of working with all your parts, healing old wounds and becoming one with your authentic self


Rapid and deep re-wiring of subconscious and unhelpful beliefs. Hypnosis is a pleasant process to help you enter a deep relaxed state. It might even feel like sleeping. During the process I will help release limiting beliefs and install new helpful beliefs.

And more:

Practical strategies and tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)


All of the brain-based interventions, deep inner child healing, and strategizing are just as powerful over the phone and online as in person!


This is for you if you want to make shifts in the following areas:

Overeating or Emotional Eating


Trauma, difficult childhood or old hurts

Shame and guilt






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You may never have participated in therapy, or you may have had many therapy sessions before with different therapists. Either scenario is ok. There is no wrong starting point.

My therapy style is to make sure you receive practical and powerful tools while we also work on the deep inner healing of shame, guilt, self-sabotage, or self-loathing (with brainspotting, hypnotherapy, and inner child work, among others).

You don’t have to do this alone. Call or email to book a FREE no-obligation strategy session, where we’ll explore what is going on, your obstacles, your best next steps, and whether we’re a good fit. It is my highest priority that you feel safe; I offer a confidential, compassionate, and non-judgmental space for your healing.


I was looking first to connect with a therapist who I felt comfortable with and felt the time I spent with them was worth it and I was gaining knowledge and insights about myself. I wanted to understand the deeper meaning of relationship patterns in my life. I wanted to unpack relationships with my parents and family, as I suspected it had a huge impact on my relationships as an adult. I wanted to learn how to be more confident and feel less small. Finally, like everyone I feel low at times or full of anxiety and I wanted tools to first understand what was happening and then handle it in a healthy way. I wanted to better understand the true me and start treating her right. Also at the start of my therapy work with Nadine, I was in a relationship where I wasn't speaking up for myself and my needs. I felt small and taken advantage of but I didn't have the tools to understand why or language to use. Nadine helped me unpack why this was and helped me reclaim my voice.


I always looked forward to our sessions. From the first consultation phone call I felt comfortable and excited to start the work. Nadine was someone who I connected with instantly, after having quite a few phone consultations. Nadine really cared about my progress and I liked the check ins during the sessions as well as a plan for each session. While working through past experiences, it was as though Nadine knew me during that time and I appreciated that because it made me feel heard. I also enjoyed the inner child work we did, it was profoundly powerful stuff and brought up a lot of raw feelings that were healing to work through. I enjoyed Nadine's scientific approach to our sessions, as well as her spiritual approach. The combination was very powerful. There is a lot I have already taken away from our short time together. I have learned to sit back and be more curious about my thoughts, stay in my true me more. I have learned about past relationships and how they have shaped who I am and that makes me kinder to myself.


My sessions with Nadine have made me more kind to myself, more patient and more aware that I need self care. I have been looking inward more and understand now that we sometimes act a way to protect ourselves and those pieces of us are not all bad. It makes me love myself more instead of hating those parts of me or dismissing them. I try to observe them more. Nadine is always positive, warm and attentive. I felt like connecting with her was effortless. When we would do inner child work it was as though I knew me as a child and it made me recall experiences and feelings I had forgotten about for years. Nadine using techniques that are rooted in science however brings a spiritual, holistic approach to sessions and work. Our sessions build on the experience and outcomes from the last and I appreciate that.