Are you looking for powerful tools to transform Stress/overwhelm, depression, frustration, anxiety or low self-esteem into confidence and inner peace?


Are you looking for powerful strategies to significantly improve behaviours & moods and  create more inner peace for you and your family member with dementia?


Are you looking for effective ways to re-wire your brain, improve your body and brain health?

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About Nadine

Nadine Jans is a registered clinical counsellor in BC (Canada), a psychologist in the Netherlands, and an online coach working with individuals dealing with stress, overwhelm, depressive thoughts, low self-esteem, anxiety and dementia related issues.

In going through a lot of intense training and life experience, Nadine discovered powerful tools, strategies and insights to re-wire the brain and help transform the stress and anxiety into calmness and confidence.

All the strategies and tools are based on the latest neuroscience and evidence-based programs.

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