Counselling & Therapy


Skype or Phone Call | Office or Home Visit

I offer a program that will equip you with a toolkit of skills to help you get back on track towards a more full and meaningful life.

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  • What you will get

    • A roadmap & simple step-by-step action plan to achieve
      more fulfillment in your life.
    • Strategies and tools that will help you overcome the power of
      stress and anxiety.
    • Increased confidence.
    • Shift in sabotaging habits.
    • A good understanding of how the mind and brain work, and how
      that relates to how you feel.
    • Powerful tools to cope with difficult and painful feelings and
    • Insight on what truly matters to you.
    • Templates and handouts for lifelong use.
    • Step-by-step plan to increase your body and brain health.
    • Get Started
    • Based on your needs, we will develop a step-by-step plan. Some individuals feel that 1 or 2 sessions of 50 minutes each are enough to help them move forward. Others take the full package of 6 or more sessions. We can discuss the number of sessions ahead or plan as we go.$110 (plus GST) per 50-minute session. Affordability is important too. That’s why I offer limited sliding scale payments.