If you are a family member or friend caring for a person with dementia, you are at the right place.


Maybe you find yourself dealing with resistance, stress or aggressive behaviour from the person.


Perhaps you are struggling with what you should do to help or you are looking for better and more effective ways to create more peace for the person AND yourself.

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When dementia affects your life and relationships with changing situations, it often causes many different worries and challenges.

The emotions, including grief and loss, may become overwhelming. Often, the practical issues and challenges require so much attention that finding a way to handle all the different emotions is not a priority.

Aggression, anxiety and resisting help are some of the “difficult” behaviours that may be displayed by those with dementia. You may have struggled in your attempts to change these behaviours. You may wonder what else you could do after trying almost everything with minimal results. This can lead to feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, disconnection, frustration and guilt.

You may start to ponder whether there is anything out there that can actually help (other than sedative medications).

Fortunately, in the last decade, researchers have gained many new insights into how the brain works and how a damaged brain processes stimuli. Plus, over time, effective strategies have been developed, also known as best-practices.

These insights provide us with a much better understanding of why certain behaviours occur and, more importantly, what is needed to improve wellbeing.

Understanding the experience of dementia, what happens in the brain and how the brain reacts to the environment enables us to make sense of the behaviors and create strategies that work. These provide you with a sense of control and more room for you to build a better quality of life for yourself.

Powerful strategies have been developed to help you construct an inner peace, even in the midst of a storm, and to help you recharge and have more energy.

Programs include, but are not limited to:



What you’ll learn:

♥  How to prevent and drastically reduce aggression and stress

♥  How to significantly improve behaviors and moods

♥  Understanding the experience and abilities through different stages of dementia

♥  Creating the right activities that empower the person with dementia

♥  How to motivate a person with dementia to act

♥  How to reduce resistance

♥  How to create joyful moments

♥  How to avoid common mistakes that cost a lot of time and keep you stuck

Module 1: The roadmap — In this module, you’ll get a good understanding of how the brain works. Everything will be explained in a simple and easy-to-follow format. You’ll learn what aggression and stress-related behaviors are, why they occur and what is needed to prevent them. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to observe, what information you need and what to look for. The displayed behaviors will make sense, and you will get to know the person at a deeper level.

Module 2: Total Behaviour Transformation and optimizing moods — We will discuss an overview of difficult behaviors and start working on how to reduce the most challenging among them. We will explore potential causes, triggers and consequences. The behavior will begin to make sense, and a plan will be created to shift the behaviors. Based on neuroscience, best-practices and evidence-based studies, we will create an Experience Centered Action Plan which will describe exactly what to do, how to do it at the right timing. This module alone will help you safe lots of time and you will avoid many common mistakes.

Module 3: Connecting with a person with dementia — You’ll learn powerful techniques for how to approach a person with dementia in different situations. You’ll also learn how to inspire the person so that resistance dissolves. We will also debunk myths and misconceptions that often sabotage connecting with a person with dementia and the ability to offer optimal quality of care or service.

Module 4: Create an optimal environment that automatically releases stress — This is crucial, because even when your approach is absolutely perfect, if the environment isn’t set up right, the person with dementia may remain experiencing stress, and you will too. You’ll discover different types of activities, how to present them and when to offer them. You’ll learn to avoid common mistakes that cost a lot of time and energy.

Module 5: Feel confident and in control — This module alone will have a powerful effect on the rest of your life. You will learn dynamic techniques that will enable you to deal effectively with stress, worry and disappointments, both at work and in your personal life. This is important, as working with people with dementia requires resilience and a strong mental state. You need effective tools to cope and recharge.


At the end of this program you will have the blueprint for how to prevent and reduce aggression, how to truly connect with a person with dementia, how to create an optimum environment and how to inspire a person with dementia to act. You will know which activities are effective and what structure is needed. Plus, you’ll have concrete and powerful tools that you can use anywhere for the rest of your life.


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This 12 week program is designed for family members or friends of a person with dementia who struggle with overwhelming emotions like stress, guilt, anger, frustration or overwhelm.  Through a step by step framework you will get clarity and insight on what is going on and you will learn effective techniques that ultimately help you rewire your brain. After this program, you will be equipped with your personal toolkit of proven and effective techniques that will allow you to thrive in your life.


This program helps you:

♦ Release the grip of depression, anger, guilt, failure, shame and anxiety

♦  Rewire your brain and shift areas in the brain involved with depression

♦  Live a full and deeply meaningful life full of joy

♦  Have more energy and feeling empowered

♦  Feel confident, even in the most difficult situations

♦  Have deeper and more fulfilling relationships

♦  Find Inner Peace and calm

♦  Clear obstacles that keep you stuck

♦  During the program you will also receive resources, strategies and insights to ensure you cope well with dementia related changes in behaviors and moods.

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