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What if your staff had the skills and knowledge to prevent aggression and agitation, to significantly improve moods and behaviours, and to know not only what to do and how, but also the right timing?

What if your staff felt excited and confident to care for their residents and loved coming to work to do what they are most passionate about: making a difference in people’s lives?

What if clients and their families felt they received excellent care and were confident their needs are being met?

What if you and your organization were recognized and known for a high level of excellence and were considered a leader in the field?

What if families and clients were proud to be connected to your organization?

If any of this sounds appealing, we have good news for you: It is not as difficult to achieve as you may think

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Uptimize offers programs where participants will get the blueprint for how to prevent and reduce aggression, how to truly connect with a person with dementia, how to create an optimum environment and how to inspire a person with dementia to act. You will know which activities are effective and what structure is needed. Plus, you’ll have concrete and powerful tools that you can use anywhere for the rest of your life.

Nadine Jans is the creator of Experience-Centered Care™ with H.E.A.R.T. System™ and is the founder of Uptimize Coaching, Counselling & Training Ltd. She is on a mission to end the unnecessary stress, overwhelm and loneliness of people with dementia, their families and professionals.

Experience-centered care™ is a way to provide the essence of what person-centered care theory strove to do, but it also provides a shift in focus to include the entire present-moment living experience of each resident by considering the environment as experience. This simple shift in thinking is powerful and trans-formative.

Experienced-centered care™ is forged on rapidly emerging neuroscience relevant to direct care and practice management decision making. Over the last two decades research has grown in neurophysiology, and much of it can be applied to understanding how the brain functions when damaged. This information has resulted in new best-practices for the care and requirements of persons with dementia and other brain injuries that cause cognitive, emotive, social and ADL dysfunction. Based on these insights and best-practices, Uptimize has developed experience-centered care, a new and improved approach on how to significantly improve the moods and behaviours of people with brain damage. The best part is that changes can be made quickly and inexpensively so residents can benefit immediately.

Uptimize offers in-company trans-formative training programs, coaching, workshops and presentations.

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