Nadine’s Story

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Nadine’s Story

Dementia, cognitive impairment and brain damage have a huge impact on people’s lives. Many are dealing with the devastating changes and consequences. It can happen to any one of us.

Neuroscience and dementia care are evolving. More knowledge and insights have been gained over the last decades. Uptimize is dedicated to contribute and improve the quality of life of those living with dementia.

I started my career working in long-term care facilities, where I had the honor of meeting many people who told me their stories of living with dementia. I saw the struggles, the pain, devastation and losses people underwent. I also witnessed beautiful moments of compassion, joy, and real happiness. None of these people ever anticipated that at the end of their life one of the most difficult changes would arise, that dementia would cross their path.

I had already worked as a psychologist for almost a decade when dementia entered my own life as well. My dad started to change, and I remember it as the day of yesterday when I came to the realization that these changes were not just a phase. That’s the moment where you realize that he has changed forever, as a result of brain damage. Things became complicated and I struggled with sadness, anger, fear and self-blame and guilt. When you’re personally involved, it is a completely different story. I learned to understand what was happening to me and how to deal with those emotions so that they didn’t take over.

In 2013, I moved from The Netherlands to British Columbia, Canada and took a position within the Alzheimer Society of BC. It was there where I discovered that knowledge about Best Practices is not automatically spread to all other parts in the world. Dementia has many layers, making it one of the most complicated conditions out there. The number of people affected by it continues to increase rapidly, while we still have no cure. The burden is not only on the people who are diagnosed, but also on their families, communities and countries worldwide.

I have committed myself to help every individual to the best of my ability, and that’s why I am dedicated to contribute to innovation and improvement of dementia care. I have created training programs to help families, people with dementia and professionals to deal more effectively and efficiently with the difficulties and challenges they are facing which you can find on my website.