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Are you struggling with feelings of depression, guilt, shame or looking for more confidence? Are you a family member or friend looking for effective ways to significantly reduce stress? Are you an organization or a professional providing services to people with dementia?

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Meet Nadine

Nadine Jans is a clinical counsellor in Canada and a psychologist in The Netherlands with a Master of Science degree in Clinical & Health Psychology. She has extensive experience as a psychologist working with seniors, people with dementia, and their families.

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What others have to say about Nadine:


Thank you Nadine, very forward thinking E-book, I’ve sent it to a family carer and she was most impressed , and commented that it was written by experience and so helpful!

Graham Hart, Dementia awareness training adviser

“Nadine is very involved with people with dementia, their caregivers and health-care staff members. She has a strong vision about quality of life and dementia and knows how to perfectly translate this to her audience”.

Ezra van Zadelhoff , Coach, Trainer, Researcher.

“Nadine is a wonderful person who is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She is very kind, sincere and caring in her approach and her willingness to share her insights and knowledge have helped me tremendously in my personal and professional growth. She is truly an inspiration and excellent role model!”

Julie Phaterpekar, Business owner

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